The Team

The Team wef July 1, 2018

Pursuant to the proceedings of the General House on 30th June 2018 and duly respecting the sense of the House as expressed therein –

1.  The Emergent Managing Committee of the Club comprises of –

  • Col Sushil Malhotra, Vice President
  • Mr. Samraant Virman
  • Col Sanjay Ahuja
  • Col Pankaj Chaturvedi

2. The following Permanent Members of the Club have been invited to assist the Managing Committee to manage the affairs of the Club -

  • Mr Iqbal Wasu, Past President
  • Mr Devender Mann, Past President
  • CA Anurag Sangal
  • Brig (Retd) K G Behl
  • Col (Retd) Prabhat Kumar
  1. With the Emergent Managing and its constituents holding Office from 1-7-18 to the target date of 30-9-18 or such time as elections are held to constitute the duly elected Managing Committee of the Club
  2. Sub-Committees to manage the day to day affairs of the Club in the currency of time per -3- above -

Bar and Messing

  • Convenor = Mr Iqbal Wasu
  • Members = Col Pankaj Chaturvedi and Col (Retd) Prabhat Kumar


  • Convenor = Mr Samraant Virmani
  • Member = Mr Devender Mann

Finance and Accounts

  • Convenor = CA Anurag Sangal
  • Member = Mr Iqbal Wasu


  • Convenor = Mr Devender Mann
  • Member = Brig (Retd) K G Behl


  • Convenor = Mr Devender Mann
  • Member = Col Sushil Malhotra


  • Convenor = Mr Devender Mann
  • Member = Col (Retd) Prabhat Kumar


  • Convenor = Col Pankaj Chaturvedi
  • Member =   Col Sanjay Ahuja


  • Convenor = Col Sanjay Ahuja
  • Member =  Mr Samraant Virmani

Constitution Amendment

  • Convenor = Col Sushil Malhotra
  • Members = Mr Iqbal Wasu, Brig (Retd) K G Behl, Mr Sudhir Arora, Immediate Past President
  • Special Invitee = CA Pradeep Datta,  CA Verendra Kalra, Mr Baijnath

 E-Voting Mechanism

  • Convenor = CA Anurag Sangal
  • Members = Col  Sushil Malhotra,  Mr Iqbal Wasu
  • Special Invitee = CA Pradeep Datta